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Welcome @ The VeeDub site!
wouter76 says on Fri Sep 27 2002 11:27:38 GMTGeneral Stuff
Hello all you airheads overthere :)

This is my newest project. Since I am an aircooled VW (espacially the custom lookers) lover I thought it would be nice to share my interest by the internet with You. I know there are already many VW aircooled sites, but one of my other interest is making websites (just for fun, not for my profession).

In the folowing weeks on this site you will find:
- A news section (working already, but no content at the moment)
- A discussion forum (working already)
- A picture gallery where you also can upload your pictures
- A link section where you can place links

As you see this will be a dynamic site where most of the content will be made by the visitors themselves! In this way there can be (and hopefully will be) always something news on the site.

So when you're not cruisin' around in your VeeDub I'll be happy to meet you here :)
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